15 February 2018

Press release : OS of Laurent Heynemann’ movies

By Music Box Records :

“In collaboration with Philippe Sarde and BMG, Music Box Records presents on a 2-CD set (listen to the sounds clips) between the composer and French director Laurent Heynemann, a former assistant for directors Bertrand Tavernier and Yves Boisset. Six films in a decade : Il faut tuer Birgitt Haas (Birgit Haas Must Be Killed, 1981), Stella (1983), Le Dernier Civil (The Last Civilian, 1985), Les mois d’avril sont meurtriers (April is a Murderous Month, 1987), Faux et Usage de faux (Forgery and the Use of Forgeries, 1990) and La Vieille qui marchait dans la mer (The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea, 1991).

In this full anthology featuring complete scores and previously unreleased material, listeners will thus appreciate the diversity of themes and atmospheres – contemplative or colourful – through a demanding approach the composer never wants too obvious. Avoiding facility, the ethereal strings, the syncopated melodies or the jazzy nostalgic tones tend to elevate senses. Listeners will also have the pleasure to recognize the names that constantly appear throughout Philippe Sarde’s career (Peter Knight, Bill Byers, Hubert Bougis, Howard Shelley, Warren Bernhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Hubert Rostaing, William Flageollet, London Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de Paris) proving once again that Philippe Sarde values trust and reliability.

The program has been assembled, produced and supervised by Édouard Dubois and the composer. The package includes a 16-page booklet featuring rare pictures of recording sessions, exclusive liner notes by writer Gérard Dastugue and new comments by Philippe Sarde and Laurent Heynemann on their 10-year partnership. Limited Edition of 500 units.”

Details :

  • A 2-CD set. New remastered and expanded edition
  • More than 140 minutes of music including 80 minutes of previously unreleased music
  • 16-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Gérard Dastugue
  • Limited Edition of 500 units.
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